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The perfect summer tan - Top fake tanning tips

With summer in full swing there are plenty of events to attend, this past weekend we attended our close friends graduation party. We had plenty of rosé and sunshine! I don't know about you but I always feel more confident with a tan. However I'm not a strong believer of sitting in the sun too much so it's a lot easier to fake your tan. I have been using fake tan since I was about 14 so I have tried my fair share of fake tan as well as making many horrific mistakes along the way, hello tangerines instead of knees (I'm a poet and I didn't know it).
So today I am going to be sharing with you my top tips for the perfect summer tan, plus my ultimate favorite fake tan.

Hair removal

Make sure that at least 24 hours prior to fake tan application that you remove all unwanted hair. The reason I like to shave 24 hours before is to avoid the fake tan from sinking into your pores and then you're left with brown pores, not ideal. This also helps with a smoother application.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Exfoliation is the key to an even tan, I like to use a coffee scrub combined with exfoliating gloves. Stay clear of body scrubs containing oil as they will leave a layer of oil on your skin causing your tan to not develop properly. Be sure to focus on very dry areas of the body; knees, elbows, etc. After exfoliating only apply a light layer of moisturizer to your knees and elbows, I find that this helps from the tan from developing too much in these areas.

Always use a mitt

I cannot tell you how much of a life saver fake tan mitts are. Back when I was younger I would always apply tan with my hands and no matter how much I scrubbed them they would always turn out darker than the rest of my body. Using a mitt always ensures a more even application.

Maintaining your tan

I tend to put my tan on at night and I wake up the next day and rinse off the colour guide in the shower, so I'm left with the perfect tan. Obviously I want to get the most out of my tan so I like to mositurize twice a day to help keep my tan looking even. 

Always Invest

Like I said earlier I have tried my fair share of fake tans and trust me there are some beauty products you can definitely cheap out on but fake tan isn't one of them. St.Tropez is always my go to, it always leaves you with the perfect tan that suits your skin tone, it's always a beautiful olive toned tan, never orange. The scent is very pleasant and doesn't leaving you smelling like a dirty sock (the best way I can describe 'the fake tan smell', if you know, you know). 

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