Monday, 19 June 2017

Exploring Alberta, epic views and why I haven't been blogging

Hello! Finally, i'm back blogging and it feels so great! Blogging has been put on the back burner for me since March. Oopsie. But I've had valid reason, my Husband and I to be honest have not had the best luck these past few months. As my friends and family know I moved to Canada back in 2013 with my parents. I met Morgan in 2014 a short while after I moved here and little did I know he would become my Husband. 

After our wedding I sadly lost my work permit, I re-applied and was denied again meaning I had to return to England, by myself, not knowing whether or not I would be reunited with my Husband. This was literally the most heart wrenching thought. Anyway long story short Morgan and I were reunited and since returning from England in April I have been working on my Permanent residence application, and we finally sent it off last week! Hallelujah! So back to focusing on blogging again. 

So to get back into it I wanted to share with you our most recent camping adventure with our very good friends.

I've always been an avid camper, as a child my summer holidays were filled adventures in the lake district, playing cards in the tent, listening to the rain (typical British summers) and always on the look out for new kids on the campsite to play with. However I always had it pretty cushy whilst camping in my childhood, it was a home away from home, a gas stove, toilets, showers and sometimes even a TV. 

This May long weekend we went camping - for real , nothing but a fire, tent, the bush as our bathroom and one epic view. We spent the weekend making new traditions with best friends, drinking Caesar's, hiking a mountain, and napping in a hammock.

Location: Abraham Lake, AB. 

Our camping spot was second to none. Jason and Madison are one adventurous couple and they were kind enough to invite us to one their favorite camping spots. Overlooking straight onto Abraham lake and hidden from the highway, it was breathtaking! The drive down to the camp spot was sketchy to say the least, but so worth it when we saw that this was our view for the next couple of days.

Our little wilderness puppy!

Location: Peyto Lake, AB

With the truck piled full of 4 people and 2 dogs we set off on the road to Peyto Lake for an afternoon adventure, it was around a 1 hour drive from Abraham lake. With it being May we were hoping for no snow on the mountain, no such luck! But we made it to the top safe and enjoyed the epic view rewarded to us! The fur babies loved the hike and could have gone up the mountain 10 more times! We spent the night cooking pizzas on the fire, sharing stories and enjoying a smore or 5.

Thank you Jason and Madison for making new traditions with us!



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