Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Pinterest beauty hacks tested!

We've all seen those crazy beauty hacks on Pinterest, those ones that are so bizarre but you're intrigued to know if they actually are crazy enough to work (who knew baking powder could have so many uses?!) Today I wanted to put a few hacks to the test, they might not be some of the craziest ones you ever seen but these are ones that I feel like I would actually use on a day to day basis! Without further ado..

1. Turn any lipstick into a metallic lipstick

Turn any lipstick into a metallic lipstick using highlighter. I've actually never worn a metallic lipstick so I was intrigued to try this one out. Simply place highlighter over any lipstick. 

It definitely worked! However it did alter the colour quite a bit, it's also feels quite drying and uncomfortable on the lips as you are applying a powder over the top. So if you're okay with light coloured lips and dried out lips then this one definitely works! Thumbs up (ish)

2. Make instant tan by mixing lotion and cocoa powder. 

Okay I'm a fake tan junkie so naturally when I spotted this hack I was super stoked to try it out! Until I did try it out.. this was such a fail! 

I mixed cocoa powder and regular body lotion in a bowl and applied on the skin, at first it appeared to be going well and then as it soaked into the skin it went completely streaky. Not cool. Thumbs down.

3. Heating your eyelash curlers before curling.

I've seriously seen and heard of this hack since I was in grade 7 but have never tried it out. Heat up your eyelash curlers using a hairdryer. 

Oh.my.gosh why have I not done this sooner! I have the straightest eyelashes and have to hold my curlers on for at least one minute to make a slight difference. I only had to hold them on for 30 seconds when they were heated and it made the craziest difference, and they even kept their curl! What?! Mind blown! Thumbs up x100!

* Caution - please do not burn your eyelids, eyelash curlers will get extremely hot so make sure they cool down a little before curling your lashes.

4. Use an ice cube on your face to reduce redness and close pores.

Be prepared for brain and face freeze, if anything this made my face even more red because ice is cold...duh. It did close my pores a little which is better for when I applied my make up but it just caused more redness for me and a frozen face. Thumbs down.

5. Curling your lashes and lining your eyelid at the same time.

This ones for all those lazy girls who might be on a tight schedule. Simply draw a line of khol eyeliner onto your eyelash curlers and go ahead and curl your lashes as normal, and just like magic you have your eyeliner done too. 

This turned out surprisingly well for me, I was expecting one black panda eye mess. It can be a little finicky at first but once you get the hang of it this is probably one of the best lazy girl hacks out there. Thumbs up! 

I'd say 3/5 is pretty damn good for my first attempt! 

What are your favourite Pinterest hacks?

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  1. I add cream highlight to my lipstick and it doesnt turn out as dry! :)

    1. That's genius! See.. this is why we're friends haha!


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