Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Living room tour & meet our new family addition

Happy Tuesday everyone! We had a great weekend of ice fishing, campfires and beer pong, but in result of being out in the cold all day I now have my second cold within a month! Seriously hating on my immune system right now!

Today I wanted to show you around our living room in our newish home, I've managed to hunt down some pretty damn affordable deals. Obviously this is no where near my dream Pinterest board worthy living room but it's a start.

One thing that changes often in my living room is how I style my coffee table. It's so easy to change your coffee table decor to suit the season. My favourite coffee table staples are a tray, plants/flowers, books and candles. I'm in love with the plant that's currently on my coffee table, this was a wedding gift from our kindest friends Madison and Jason.

In this photo:

  • Coffee table - The Brick
  • White tray - Homesense
  • Book - Homesense
  • Coasters - Bed, bath and beyond

One easy way I love to fill an empty space is with an area rug, but they are so damn expensive. One day I'll purchase a much better quality rug but this $40 option from Walmart was a great option for now.

In this photo:
  • Area Rug - Walmart

One of my first ever purchases for our living room was this beautiful floor standing mirror, I love these mirrors because they instantly add elegance and also give a bigger feel to the room.

In this photo:

  • Mirror -JYSK
  • Wire basket - Michael's

This is one of my favorite little nooks of the house, after we took our Christmas tree down we were left with an empty space to fill, so I took to Pinterest for some inspo. I decided an accent chair was the best way to liven up the room. I originally purchased a plain grey chair but came across this cute patterned one and it was on sale for $99.. bonus!

In this photo:

  • Accent chair - Canadian Superstore
  • Lamp - Pier One Imports
  • Chalkboard - Homesense
  • Accent table - Homesense

To all the women out there, I'm 100% sure our husbands/boyfriends will never understand why we spend money on 'stupid' signs that say hello. Just let us be. OKAY?!

In these photos:
  • Accent table - Homesense
  • Photo frame - IKEA
  • Flowers and Vase - IKEA
  • Hello sign - Michael's 
  • Foot stool - Homesense

(please excuse the dog hair, I'm not used to this amount of shedding yet)

The one who loves hanging out in our living room the most (and our bed) is this little guy.. Everybody meet Popeye!

We rescued him almost two weeks ago. He is a 1 year old Corgi cross and he is the most loving pup there is. It feels so rewarding to have rescued him and given him a new life. Our little family feels so complete.

A few facts about Popeye:

  • He loves to sleep with us at night and takes up the whole bed.
  • He is a fast learner and already knows a handful of tricks
  • He loves his toy monkey 
  • He likes to steal underwear and rip them (I learnt this the hard way)
  • He loves playing with other dogs (we always have a hard time leaving the dog park)
(Those puppy eyes though)

Thank you for reading!



  1. This is so lovely - Popeye is so cute! I always love how your coffee table is styled. #goals


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