Tuesday, 21 February 2017

10 things you might not know about me

Happy Tuesday everyone! Technically it's my Monday (thank goodness for long weekends). I hope all my fellow Canadians had a great family day. We definitely had an unexpected weekend. Morgan and I officially adopted a beautiful dog named Popeye. I'm so excited to introduce him to you guys! You can meet him on my blog later this week. I got to thinking last week and realised I've never really shared that much about me on my blog. So today I wanted to share with you 10 things you might not know about me.

1. I can't swim and probably never will be able to. I've always had a phobia of deep water. I had swimming lessons for years when I was a kid but have never been able to trust the water, which usually sucks on when I'm on vacation.

2. I couldn't work or go to school for 6 months when I first moved to Canada. I had no way of meeting people or making friends which was incredibly tough, so I taught myself how to design and make clothes, I focused on that every single day. I also attempted to start a blog but I was always felt too self conscious to hit publish.

3. I was accepted to study Fashion design at University in England but I chose to stay in Canada to figure out what career I really wanted.

4. I pretty much have a phobia of mayonnaise unless its in tuna.. weird I know.

5. I started working out in the summer of 2014 and have been addicted ever since. I've learnt a lot and my body has been through a lot of changes. It`s hard to find balance but almost 3 years later I feel like I'm finally living a balanced lifestyle. If you haven't seen it you can read my post about 5 simple ways to be healthier here.

6. I used to be a drama nerd. I took acting classes and drama was my favourite subject in high school. Acting really helped me to break through my shy barrier.

7. If my house isn't clean I cannot focus on anything, even if Morgan and I are watching a movie I have to make sure my living room is tidy otherwise I will constantly fidget and will not be able to relax.

8. When I got married my last name changed by one letter, from Lee to See.

9. Whenever people ask me what my last name is they have a hard time understanding. They think I`m saying the letter C. Seriously so frustrating. Shout out to my husband for the new last name.

10. One time I had a job that only lasted for 2 days.. not one of my proudest moments. I wasn't fired but it was seriously the most mind numbing job out there.

I`m sure there are a lot more interesting things about me but when I sat down to write this post it was definitely difficult to think about 10 things on the spot! I hope everyone has a great week and look out for a blog post about our new dog Popeye!

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