Tuesday, 10 January 2017

8 moments that made my 2016 the most special year yet

Twenty Sixteen.. it seems this was a rough year for many, and I have to admit 2016 didn't end the way I had imagined (the reason why I haven't blogged in what feels like a year) but the up's 100% made up for the downs, because 2016 was the biggest year of mine and Morgan's life so far.

1. So without a doubt the best thing that happened this year was that Morgan and I got married! I'm so grateful to have had the most perfect day, just our closet family and friends to help celebrate our love. Sometimes thinking about that day makes me sad because I just want to relive it over and over! I feel so blessed to have Morgan in my life, he is my biggest supporter and I couldn't be more excited to say I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

2. In October we moved into our new home. As if getting married wasn't big enough we got to move into a whole house.. quite an upgrade from the 2 bedroom basement suites we were used to. We fell in love with this house and it honestly did not come to us at a good time but we made it work and we are so grateful to have gotten married AND found a beautiful new home.

3. My best friend flew over 4000 miles to surprise me for my wedding. If that's not a best friend I don't know what is. Im so grateful for her. Even though we barely get to see each other it never feels as though anything has changed. I LOVE YOU RUTH!

4. I experienced a new place - Mara Lake in British Columbia. This place is so relaxing and peaceful. I would honestly choose a holiday by the mountains and lakes over a beach vacay any day.

5. We went to our first NHL game. Morgan's favourite NHL team is the Edmonton Oilers.. so naturally I'm supposed to support them too. We managed to score some tickets so Morgan was pretty stoked (and so was I to be honest). Even though they didn't win that game we had one of best nights together.

6. My work girls threw me a surprise bachelorette party. One of the funnest parts of getting married is everything that comes before the wedding! As if my best friend surprising me wasn't enough I also got a surprise bachelorette party and it was everything you'd expect from a bachelorette party! Lots of delicious food, alcohol, fake penises, naughty toys, dancing and great company! Thank you Ladies!

7. My brother came for Christmas. Since moving to Canada my one brother has always come over for Christmas (my oldest brother currently lives in New Zealand, so he hasn't had chance to make it over to Canada yet) but Christmas is always the time when you should be surrounded by family and I only get to see him once a year, so it always fills my happy bucket when I get to see him. (Can we please take a moment to appreciate how much entertainment Snapchat face swaps provide)

8. I learnt my strengths comes from my struggles. I know there is always a lesson to learn from every situation, yes sometimes you think why me? I don't deserve this! But just know that our struggles help shape us as a person.

Thank you for the incredible memories 2016! You're going to be one tough year to top!

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