Wednesday, 20 July 2016

21 Things I Leart Before Turning 21

1. It's okay to not have your life and career figured out yet. 
There's nothing that will stress you out more than thinking you need to have your life planned and figured out. Your 20's are for figuring this out, just be open to all options, something incredible could come out of it.

2. And don't believe that everyone your age has theirs figured out too
We're all just winging it.

3. Always use your parents mailing address..until you buy a house
I moved house 4 times in the last 2 years! Lots can happen when you're so young and just finding yourself, I moved out from my parents house, moved in with my now Fiancé, moved in with roommates, then moved out because we wanted a place for just the two of us. ANYWAY.. moral of the story use your parents address as your mailing address, it will save you the pain and hassle of changing your address every time!

4. Step out of your comfort zone because amazing things can happen when you do
Nothing great will ever happen if you never feel scared or uncomfortable. Like moving to Canada.

5. Be prepared to lose friends
This may be a hard thing to hear  and actually believe, but after high school you really do learn who your real friends are, truth is people move on and live their own lives, only true friends will stick around!

6. Work hard in silence, because you get out what you put in
This was a big lesson I learnt, no one likes a complainer so just work hard even if right now you're not in your dream job, people will always recognize hard work. This rule can be applied to anything, you should work hard at everything you do, your career, in the gym, napping...

7. It's never too early to learn about personal finance 
Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way with your finances, you're going to go through some rough times. But to keep it simple Bills come first, entertainment comes after, yes it sucks but its the truth. It also always helps to have a savings plan either to use for a rainy day or in emergencies.

8. Your health is important
Fuel your body with nutrient dense foods and always make a conscious effort to move everyday, this could be going to the gym, going for a run, anything.

9. But it's okay to eat Nutella straight from the jar
Sometimes it's just one of those days.

10. Take every opportunity that comes your way
Lots of opportunities will arise through the years and it's important to say yes to these opportunities, you never know what will come from it.

11. Be happy with what you have now
We live in a world surrounded by people showing their life highlight reel on social media. Don't think that you need to have everything they may have. If you don't learn to be happy with what you have now you will never be happy.

12. It's acceptable to drink multiple glasses of wine alone
Because wine not ;)

13. Stay true to yourself and trust your instinct
Learn to listen to you gut instinct in situations and you will know that you made the right decision.

14. You will never use Pythagoras' Theorem.
I still don't know what this is

15. But you better teach yourself how to do your taxes
Taxes are important, don't F up on them.

16. Only allow positive people into your life
No this isn't selfish of you to only choose positive people. You'll find that they only want what is best for you and will support you with anything in life.

17. You will miss High school, a lot
We all couldn't wait to leave high school and make our mark in the real world, as soon as you hit the real world you'll have regular thoughts of wishing you were back in high school.

18. Take lots of pictures
Pictures are the best way to reminisce on amazing memories.

19. Be honest
Always express how you really feel, bottled up feelings never did anyone any good.

20. Growing up is still pretty awesome
There really is nothing better than independence and yes you can do whatever you want it's your life. But I recommend doing something great with it.

21. Live your life with passion
If you don't, you're not doing it right.

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