Tuesday, 31 May 2016

5 simple ways to be healthier and stay on track

A quick fitness post from me today! I wanted to share a few tips that I have found to be beneficial in my own life and I can apply to everyday life. Health is all about balance, which can sometimes be hard to find, but with time and consistency you will get there!

  • Never miss a Monday- starting your week with a healthy and balanced breakfast and a great workout will ensure that you are set up for success and in a healthy mindset for the rest of the week. Starting off each week right will keep you more motivated to work towards achieving your goals

  • Be prepared- this point is crucial. 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail' this quote rings true.  Having your meals and snacks prepared and ready to grab will mean that you are less likely to reach for the wrong foods. The number 1 reason why we grab bad foods so often is because they are quick and easy and more often than not can be eaten instantly, so if you have all your healthy choices ready made you don't have any excuses!

  • Find Healthy alternatives - food is fuel, so fill your body with good fuel! I love cheesecake Oreo balls just as much as the next person but finding healthier alternatives will help you stay on track. This gives you the chance to experiment with new foods, try switching cupcakes for healthy homemade blueberry oat muffin or some yummy energy bites, you can see my recipe here. Small changes, one at a time will make a big difference in the long run.

  • Don't deprive yourself- leading on from my previous point, yes it's so important to regularly fuel your body with whole foods but you also need to indulge now and again. Becoming too obsessed with your diet can have negative effects, if you allow yourself to live by the 80/20 rule you will be less likely to binge on every sugar coated pretzel you see in sight, allowing yourself treats as part of a balanced diet will stop you from feeling guilty when you do choose to indulge! Balance is key.

  • Don't criticise yourself- start practising self love a little more, workout because you love your body and fuel up with good food because you respect your body. Beating yourself up because you don't look a certain way won't won't improve your health. Finding balance is hard but as long as you make healthy choices each week you are well on you way. Healthy choices do include choosing to be kind to yourself, we are so quick to give other people compliments, why not try giving yourself at least 1 compliment a day! 
I hope these tips were helpful and you can easily apply them to your everyday life! I have personally found these tips to be very beneficial in my own life so I hope you do to! 

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