Sunday, 26 June 2016

6 Beauty Products I Use Daily

Hello hello! We all have our holy grail beauty products that we swear by and cannot go without! It takes me a long time to really find products that I love and will use everyday. I love to experiment with a variety of products, these are my current 6 products that I use daily (most of the time) and swear by.

Here we go:

I've been using Castor oil for a couple of months now, every night. I will apply this to my eyelashes and eyebrows to help promote hair growth. I wasn't blessed with lashes as long as spiders legs and I got a hold of a pair of tweezers when I was 12 and got a little carried away and my eyebrows have never really been the same since! 

So when I was reading that castor oil is a great natural remedy to promote healthy hair growth and is a great moisturiser for hair I decided I had nothing to lose to I picked up a bottle for $9.00 from a supplement store. 

A couple months later I am starting to see some results! I was aware that this is as remedy is a long process but it does help! I wish I took a before photo, but I can definitely notice a difference when I am applying mascara and filling in my brows! It is WAY more affordable them some high end eyelash treatments, and it's natural! YAY!

Kevin Murphy is my favourite hair care line right now! I picked up a few products when I last had my hair coloured, and I've addicted ever since. This is the Un Tangled leave in conditioner. I've tried a lot of leave in conditioners in the past and a lot of them will leave an un wanted residue in my hair that I can feel all day! This Kevin Murphy one is so light on the hair and does not weigh it down, I never feel any residue, and it smells amazing, just like all of their products. I'm pretty sure this was priced at around $25 - $30.

I use this daily on my skin! I am honestly not a huge fan of airbrushed looking foundation, I much prefer a natural but dewy finish to the skin, which is exactly what this Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream does for me! 

It's very light on the skin and gives a medium coverage and leaves a beautiful dewy glow to the skin that is perfect for everyday and it also contains SPF which is a must for me! You need to protect those beautiful faces ladies!

This is pretty new product I have tried but I can already tell it's a winner! This is the NYX Above and Beyond coverage concealer. I love it's pink undertone for under the eye and covering up any darkness.

I also love this on the rest of my face, it blends effortlessly into the skin, it lasts pretty great too, as long as I set it with a powder! I have always preferred cream concealers as opposed to liquid as they seem to mesh with the skin a lot more effortlessly.  

I've not always been the biggest fan of lip liners, I just find that they look way too unnatural on me, until I discovered this! This is the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner pencil in the shade Eastend Snob. This is pretty close to your lip colour but better kinda deal. I love the natural pink tones in this liner and makes for a great everyday liner.

My final product is the Essence Make Me Brow in the shade Browny Brows. This gel has a slight tint to add some definition and colour and helps keep stray hairs in place! This product is great for keeping my hairs in place all day long, I will never go without a gel brow again!

So there we have my 6 products I use daily! Have you tried any of these products? Do you like any of these brands? What are your daily beauty products? 

Thank you for reading!



  1. I hadn't heard of this castor oil brand, I really need this in my life for my eyebrows and eye lashes! You are lucky you only have short eyelashes! I have my beauty must haves below too! x

  2. thanks for sharing, I always love seeing what peoples favorite products are to compare/get ideas of my own!
    xo, claudia


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