Friday, 25 March 2016

The Easiest Smokey Eye You Will Ever Do!

Does that Saturday afternoon power nap ever turn into a 3 hour deep sleep on the couch, then you realize you're only left with 30 minutes to get ready for your Saturday night plans? Shower takes 10 minutes, hair takes 15 minutes, and then there's still make-up! Yeah that's me.

So I decided to create a 5 minute Smoky eye make-up look, and this really is the easiest Smoky eye you will ever do. 

Let's get ready!

My current favorite eye palette for Smoky eyes in the Urban Decay Smoky Palette.  I am a huge fan of these palettes, I find them incredibly versatile, amazing pigmentation and a great selection of colours.

For this look I used only 2 shades! I chose 'Radar' for my Smokey colour and 'Thirteen' for my brow bone highlighter.

For brushes I wanted to keep it as simple as I could, but it's pretty challenging to complete a great Smokey eye without more than one brush. So I just used the brush that comes with the Urban Decay Palette which is two brushes in one! It has a great application/blending brush on one end and the other end is a pencil brush, great for getting under the eye. For better blending I also used my Elf Flawless Concealer Brush. Yes this brush is labeled as a concealer brush but I love using this brush as an eye shadow blending brush because of it's size and fluffiness!

Okay, so my first step with this simple smoky eye was to take 'Radar' and apply it directly into the crease of my eye using the larger end of my Urban Decay Eye shadow Brush, I then took my larger Elf blending brush to blend out the eye shadow I applied. I kept on repeating these steps until I built up my desired level of smokiness.

To add to the smokiness I took the pencil end of my Urban Decay brush with 'Radar' again and swept this all along the underneath of my eye. I blended it out quite low to really achieve the perfect smoky look.

It wouldn't be a smoky eye without some eyeliner. I chose a dark brown to go along with the brown eye shadow (I'm a much bigger fan of brown smoky eyes rather than black, brown gives you a softer look). The eyeliner I chose was Sephora's Contour Eyeliner Pencil in Number '14' shade 'Cocoa'.

I'm a lover of these Sephora eyeliner pencils as they are waterproof but they are still incredibly blendable, they smoke out effortlessly.

I applied the eyeliner directly to my lash line, applying it a little heavier on the outer corners to achieve a more dramatic look. I again took the pencil end of my Urban Decay Brush and blended out the eyeliner to achieve a softer/smokier look.

I love to use the blackest mascara I can find for a smoky eye to add intensity, because this look was just quick and simple I skipped the false lashes. But this mascara did a great job of replacing falsies! This is the Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara from Loreal.

 I curled my lashes, holding them in the curlers for 20 seconds. I then applied light layers of the mascara making sure I coated every lash. This mascara has a great formula and it very easily buildable.

And finally what's a smoky eye without a great nude lip?! I chose the Bite Cosmetics High Pigment Pencil in the shade 'Madeira'. This is still one of my top nude lipsticks, it's super moisturizing unlike the majority of nude lipsticks I have sampled. It is very pigmented but you can also just apply a very light layer for a more natural nude lip.

And we are done! Yes it was that quick and simple, just a few steps and you are ready to leave out the door. I think this look is very easily buildable as you can add darker eye shadows, more eyeliner, false eyelashes, etc.

I also love this look for a little touch of everyday glam simply because it only takes me 5 minutes but takes your make-up to a whole new level.

Do you like a smoky eye make-up look? Have you tried any of the Naked palette's? 

Thanks for reading!



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