Tuesday, 9 February 2016

What's In My Gym Bag

Hello hello! I thought I would share with you guys what I like to keep in my gym bag! Let's face it there are some essentials we need to keep in there, because really do you want to be that person that forgot to put on deodorant before the gym... Working at a gym I pretty much live out of my gym bag but I made sure my bag was a little more organized for this post!

Obviously you can't work out without a pair of runners, it's a no brainer! My all time favourite pair I own are these Sketchers Go Walk 3 Fit Knit. The inside sole is made from yoga mat so they are super comfy and cute too. They are not the ultimate style of shoe for running, but that is not my style of training. I wear these everyday and I find that they are lasting pretty great! Definitely prefer these over Nike runners.

Of course smellies are a must for pre and post gym! I always make sure to carry deodorant in my gym bag to apply before and after I workout, I love this Dove deodorant because not only does it smell amazing but keeps your dry too!

I never like to wear a heavy perfume to the gym.. because really who are you trying to impress? It's a gym you are there to sweat! Instead I like to carry around a small bottle of fragrance mist, it is a lot lighter and will leave you smelling nice and fresh! 

Also another thing I carry around with me is hand sanitizer, gyms are packed with germs, and people don't always wipe down their machines like they should! So always make sure to disinfect your hands straight after your workout!

What fit girl lives without dry shampoo?! Because we know as soon as we wash our hair we are just going to sweat the next day, so dry shampoo is our saviour! I use the Naked Dry shampoo from Herbal Essences, I find that it doesn't leave as much residue as other brands.

Usually I have to work straight after my workout so I don't have time to style my hair, that is where my Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray comes in to help. A few spritz of this and I am left with effortless beauty waves, this product is a must if you are running low on time to get yourself ready!

Layers! I love to keep an extra layer in my gym bag because usually when I do my cardio I will wear a hoodie to make me sweat more. I'm not sure why I do it, but I do! 

I cannot workout without my headphones! They help me get it my zone, music helps me push through that lest rep or last 30 seconds of the workout! I used to always use the headphones that come with iPhones which sucked compared to these babies, these are the Beats By Dre Solo's, and the fact that they are pink make them 100% better. If you are thinking of investing in a pair you should! They are so worth it!

A shaker cup is a must! I will keep my water in here to sip on during my workout and then it is also perfect to immediately grab my post workout protein shake! I never usually invest in super expensive shaker bottles as they get lost so easily or you forget to wash it out after that protein shake you had last week and let's face it.. there is no saving it now! So these ones from Blender Bottle are perfect as they are inexpensive and come in an array of colours!

My post workout protein of choice! This is Diesel. No I do not keep the whole container in my gym bag haha, I will always put one scoop in a little ziplock bag. This is hands down the best protein I have ever tasted, it is a whey isolate but it is lactose free so a lot of people can still consume this! It is also:
  • Vegetarian
  • Peanut Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Aspartame Free (YAYY!!!)
  • Non GMO
  • No MSG
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Made with natural ingredients

So there is no wonder why this is my protein of choice, it is one of the cleanest proteins you can buy, you should always do your research when buying supplements as some of them are filled with complete S***! All of the flavours that Diesel comes in taste amazing! I will always blend mine with water and ice and it tastes great but if you want to add a little something try blending it with almond milk and a banana. So perfect for a post workout snack!

A Journal. This is a great thing to carry in your gym bag, you can record your workout, your personal records in gym, how you are feeling that day, what you ate that day as well as your weekly measurements! I love to hand write so that is why I like to keep a journal but it is also a great source to look back on to see how far you have come in your fitness journey. By recording what you eat everyday allows you to be honest with yourself because you are writing it down, I find that it helps me stick to my goals a lot better! Definitely something I recommend any one to start doing!

 Finally, a tape measure. I carry one with me so that I will not forget to take my weekly measurements  and record them in my journal. Taking measurements is a much better way to track your progress than looking at what the scale says! Because if you are building muscle you most likely going to see that scale go up slightly or maintain the same, due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat! However, muscle takes up less space than fat so you may not see the scale change but you are more than likely going to lose inches! Always be sure to measure your waist, thighs, hips and arms width! 

So there we have my gym bag essentials, these are all great things to keep me feeling fresh and clean, as well as motivated to workout! I want to feature more fitness related posts on Mauve over matter, so all kinds of feedback is appreciated!

What do you keep in your gym bag? Do you have certain items that motivate you? What's your workout regime?

Let me Know! 




  1. Really love your photos. They are so clear and bright, really makes looking at your blog a pleasure

    Jacksons Cup of Tea | Personal Style and Lifestyle blog

  2. I really love Sketchters sneakers! I have the ones with memory foam padding and they are like walking on a cloud -- perfect for the gym and light weight. Great tips!


    1. Ahh I know aren't they amazing! So cute too! Thank you :) xx

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  4. I'm loving how everything is colour coordinated, Anastasia, and ah, that Dove deodorant sounds wonderful! I've run out of my current one and am looking to try something new, so I'll most likely give that a shot!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

  5. Love this! Keep it up!
    XO Jac

  6. Great post, I love how most things are pink! haha. I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


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